fourth heart sound meaning in Hindi

fourth heart sound sentence in Hindi

• चतुर्थ हृद् ध्वनि
fourth:    चौथाई पाव चतुर्थ
heart:    मर्म अंतरंग मानस
sound:    आवाज आवाज़ आहट
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  1. As a result, one may hear a fourth heart sound due to the stiff ventricle.
  2. A fourth heart sound S4 is referred to as an atrial gallop and is produced by the sound of blood being forced into a stiff ventricle.
  3. The medical history of the patient ( endurance sports ) and physical examination ( bradycardia, and maybe a third or fourth heart sound ), can give important hints.
  4. The "'fourth heart sound "'or "'S 4 "'is a rare extra heart sound that occurs during late diastole, immediately before the normal two " lub-dub " heart sounds ( S 1 and S 2 ).

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