fourth generation language meaning in Hindi

fourth generation language sentence in Hindi

• चतुर्थ पीढी भाषा
fourth:    चौथाई पाव चतुर्थ
fourth generation:    चतुर्थ पीठी
generation:    उत्पादन औलाद जनन
language:    बोली भाषा शब्द
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  1. :* Fourth generation languages very much have a basis in computer science.
  2. An archetype of a declarative language is the fourth generation language SQL, and the family of functional languages and logic programming.
  3. DATATRIEVE's command structure is nearly plain English, and it is an early example of a Fourth Generation Language ( 4GL ).
  4. By combining a fourth generation language and relational database, OpenEdge ABL allows the use of the Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) model for developing software.
  5. He lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, working as a programmer for Caterpillar Inc . between 1976 and 1978, after which he returned to New Zealand to develop a new concept in computer programming through his creation of the fourth generation language known as LINC . LINC remains New Zealand's most successful software export to date.
  6. As an application development platform, dBase fills a gap between lower-level languages such as C, C + +, and Java, and high-level proprietary 4GLs ( fourth generation languages ) and purely visual tools, providing relative ease-of-use for business people with less formal programming skill and high productivity for professional developers willing to trade off the low-level control.
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