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अग्र पात
forward:    अग्र भविष्य में
drop:    विंदु उतार मीठी
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  1. Or if in any way the circuit depends upon the ~ 0.6v forward drop, it better be silicon.
  2. Since the Schottky diode had a lower forward drop than the transistor PN junction, the transistor did not saturate and the undesirable delay time was eliminated.
  3. Schottky diodes are preferred in flyback diode applications for switching power converters, because they have the lowest forward drop ( ~ 0.2 V rather than > 0.7 V for low currents ) and are able to quickly respond to reverse bias ( when the inductor is being re-energized ).
  4. That will have to be calculated from a knowledge of the forward drop of the LEDs marked'XPG'and the fact that to turn on the transistor fully, you should plan to have a B-E current of 16 mA, about one-tenth of the C-E current ( 160 mA ).

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