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• अग्रवर्ती रक्षा
forward:    अग्र भविष्य में
defence:    उत्तर प्रतिपक्ष
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  1. There, the SLA were attempting to break through the LTTE forward defence lines.
  2. The government then attempted to open a third front along the Muhamalai Forward Defence Line.
  3. Marine Corporal Carlos Rafael Colemil was part of the forward defence and fought as a sniper:
  4. So strong is the evidence for forward defence under Diocletian that Luttwak himself struggles to avoid that conclusion.
  5. As the 2nd Platoon moved to establish forward defences on the hillside the NVA opened fire from concealed positions.
  6. Schmid moved his Headquarters from Zeist, Netherlands to Brunswick, reflecting I . JK abandonment of forward defence.
  7. These were strikingly similar to the pincer movements described by Luttwak as being characteristic of forward defence in the early Principate.
  8. McCauley instigated the redevelopment of RAAF Base Darwin in the Northern Territory as the first stage of a forward defence strategy.
  9. The line was abolished after 1968, when the NATO strategy of forward defence along the Inner German Border was adopted.
  10. To offset this, the HVO had prepared strong forward defences, including trenches and bunkers, built along the front line.
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