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• रोमन फोरम
forum:    गोष्ठी चौक जनसभा
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  1. The Tribune benches were placed on the Forum Romanum, as well.
  2. A royal complex may have existed near the Forum Romanum.
  3. The Society for Roman Law and Classics " Forum Romanum " has a particularly long and fine tradition.
  4. De Imperatoribus Romanis has received numerous awards and commendations, including awards from the Forum Romanum and The History Channel.
  5. The legendary funeral oration takes place in the Forum Romanum, but Botticelli makes no effort to represent that well-known place.
  6. The fire of 210 BC burned an area along the northeast side of the Forum Romanum as delineated by the Lautumiae.
  7. The most spectacular changes removed 4 metres of silt from the Forum Romanum, taking the profile down to the level of the Via Sacra.
  8. He established a valid point regarding the declamations-the pale classroom recitations and the Forum Romanum-Rome's traditional rough and ready school for lawyers and magistrates.
  9. In a virtual reconstruction of Satricum and the Forum Romanum, users can call up information that is overlaid on room-sized photos and other images.
  10. Leaders of the Jewish resistance were executed in the Forum Romanum, after which the procession closed with religious sacrifices at the Temple of Jupiter.
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