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[ fɔ:'meiʃən ] sound:
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  1. This was first step towards the formation of Rajastan.
    यह राजस्थान के निर्माण की दिशा में पहला कदम था।
  2. “When I have finished the formation of Adam from clay,
    जब मैंने मिट्टी से आदम का निर्माण पूरा कर लिया,
  3. So once you know how to fly in formation,
    एक बार आप जान लेंगे कैसे पैटर्न में उड़ा जा सकता है
  4. In the lower walls of the tomb, tree formation has found.
    पादप रूपांकन मिलते हैं मकबरे की निचली दीवारों पर।
  5. due to them only rajasthan came in the formation
    इनकी सूझबूझ से ही राजस्थान का निर्माण हो सका।
  6. Formation of different Muslim Empires and modern Islam.
    विभिन्न मुस्लिम सम्राज्यों की रचना और आधुनिक इस्लाम
  7. Clinton was instrumental in the formation of the AIF .
    इंक्लटन इसकी स्थापना करवाने वालं में हैं .
  8. this differences resulted in the formation of branches
    इस विविधता के कारण ही वेदों की शाखाओं का विस्तार हुआ है।
  9. Formation of Rajasthan was possible only with their suggesions and recommendations.
    इनकी सूझबूझ से ही राजस्थान का निर्माण हो सका।
  10. they collapse from a three-dimensional formation into planar formation.
    वे तीन आयामी पैटर्न से तलीय पैटर्न में टूट जाते है|


  1. the act of forming or establishing something; "the constitution of a PTA group last year"; "it was the establishment of his reputation"; "he still remembers the organization of the club"
    synonyms:, , ,
  2. the act of fabricating something in a particular shape
  3. creation by mental activity; "the formation of sentences"; "the formation of memories"
  4. a particular spatial arrangement
  5. an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit; "a defensive formation"; "a formation of planes"
  6. (geology) the geological features of the earth
  7. natural process that causes something to form; "the formation of gas in the intestine"; "the formation of crystals"; "the formation of pseudopods"

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