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  1. Various forcing factors, including greenhouse gases, land cover change, volcanoes, coupled ocean-atmosphere-land climate system.
  2. Other endorsement deals include Skullcandy headphones, Powerade, Force Factor sports drinks and a suburban Chicago Nissan dealership.
  3. There have to be other compelling reasons for consumers to embrace a change, and bankers should watch for those " forcing factors ."
  4. Tegen, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said, " it seems to be an important climate forcing factor, comparable to other effects.
  5. If the physics have been accurately calculated it gives a graphic idea of death by anoxia which is not in itself at all painful or unpleasant, although the g-force factors make the idea rather less than attractive as they could be unpleasant.
  6. The space shuttle program has been very clear that schedule is not a driver, a forcing factor, on their implementation of the recommendations, and we did not see that or sense that in any of the discussions we had with them this week,
  7. After some additional back-and-forth, some qualifying language got added to the effect that " " all climate models predict that an increase in greenhouse gases leads to an increase in global temperatures in the absence of other changes in forcing factors "-- a change that Connolley accepted.

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