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  1. Lady Ludlow s son Septimus arrives with his foppish Italian companion Giacomo.
  2. Hugh Grant has huge fun as a foppish painter up to no good.
  3. We see the foppish superiority beaten out of Daniels.
  4. Hugh Grant, the British actor, is somewhat foppish in his style.
  5. Indeed, the foppish Prince desperately wants to get his hands on political power.
  6. Diplomacy becomes a minuet, with swift allusions to foppish bows and Baroque dances.
  7. They're tightly wound, fabulously fit, almost foppish in their dress.
  8. The most bizarre element is provided by William Fichtner as a foppish police detective.
  9. The foppish dolts . c 12 : 40, 21 September 2005 ( UTC)
  10. However, he tends to be rather foppish and frequently unlucky in his endeavors.
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  1. affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner

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