foot meaning in Hindi

[ fut ] sound:
foot sentence in Hindi
• निचला सिरा
• चरण
• पहाड़ की तराई
• टांग
• पग
• पद
• पाँव
• पांव
• पाद
• पाया
• पैर
• फुट
• आधार
• फ़ुटअ
• चलना
• लत्ती मारना
• चुकाना
• टहलना
• नाचना
• लात मारना
• भुगतान करना
• भूगतान करना
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  1. It has small eyes , short ears , thin skins and small feet .
    आंखें , कान और पांव छोटे तथा चमड़ी पतली होती है .
  2. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
    डर के जीने की तुलना में तो मर जाना ही बेहतर है.
  3. later he traveled whole India by feet
    तत्पश्चात उन्होंने पैदल ही पूरे भारतवर्ष की यात्रा की।
  4. The legs are short and the feet are round and hard .
    इसकी टांगें छोटी तथा पांव गोल और कठोर होते हैं .
  5. it in the hight of 5000 feet high,and situated in a basin
    इसका जल स्रोत ५००० मी. ऊँचाई पर स्थित एक बेसिन है।
  6. The under wall of mausoleum got the foot print design.
    पादप रूपांकन मिलते हैं मकबरे की निचली दीवारों पर।
  7. I think anyone who has stepped foot on this land -
    मैं सोचता हूँ इस मेक्सिको की धरती पर जिसने भी कदम रखा
  8. You ought to address the problem of mother's lacerated foot.
    आपको मां के विदीर्ण पैर की समस्या का हल करना चाहिए
  9. was a field of sunflowers growing seven feet tall.
    सूरजमुखी का एक खेत था, जहाँ सात-सात फ़ीट लम्बे पौधे थे।
  10. They completed the journey on those mountains on foot.
    पहाडियों में पैदल चलते हुए उन्होने यह सफर पूरा किया।
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  1. travel by walking; "he followed on foot"; "the swiftest of foot"
  2. the pedal extremity of vertebrates other than human beings
  3. any of various organs of locomotion or attachment in invertebrates
  4. a support resembling a pedal extremity; "one foot of the chair was on the carpet"
  5. lowest support of a structure; "it was built on a base of solid rock"; "he stood at the foot of the tower"
    synonyms:, , , , ,
  6. the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint; "his bare feet projected from his trousers"; "armored from head to foot"
  7. (prosody) a group of 2 or 3 syllables forming the basic unit of poetic rhythm
  8. an army unit consisting of soldiers who fight on foot; "there came ten thousand horsemen and as many fully-armed foot"
  9. the lower part of anything; "curled up on the foot of the bed"; "the foot of the page"; "the foot of the list"; "the foot of the mountain"
  10. a member of a surveillance team who works on foot or rides as a passenger
  11. a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard; "he is six feet tall"
  1. add a column of numbers
  2. walk; "let''s hoof it to the disco"
    synonyms:, ,
  3. pay for something; "pick up the tab"; "pick up the burden of high-interest mortgages"; "foot the bill"

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