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folding:    वलन तह लगाना
money:    धन धन-दौलत पैसा माल
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  1. You sent it all back, with the exception of the folding money.
  2. Begin warming your homes again by burning piles of your colorful yet hopelessly undervalued folding money.
  3. I would gladly pay 50 cents more on my income tax for the convenience of folding money.
  4. Find a silly apron to go with them and still have folding money left . Under budget.
  5. "I don't make no special price, " he said, but he allows that folding money is preferred.
  6. Andrea loves seeing the Coinstar turn her change into what she calls " real folding money ."
  7. I won't meet the average, but I'll have some folding money _ or traveler's checks _ stashed away.
  8. If you're more familiar with folding money than folding egg whites, you might prefer to order the batter, ready-made.
  9. I can leave my purse on the file cabinet, folding money on my desk, and cookies on the shelf.
  10. It's always convenient to have a little local folding money in your pocket when you land at a foreign destination.
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  1. currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie

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