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पुराने खयालात का
पुराने विचार का व्यक्ति
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  1. Krulwich almost immediately establishes himself as a Gore-recognizing fogy.
  2. At Lincoln Center the pianist would have been a fogy.
  3. Or maybe they'll be defiant fogies and crones.
  4. As an old fogy, I do not understand your newfangled descriptions.
  5. But baseball's fogies would have barred it.
  6. Fogies in the field of psychology usually dismiss such work as pathetically unacademic.
  7. Attention fellow dinosaurs, old fogies and senescent Beatlemaniacs.
  8. Things have changed from the days of those old fogy families of wealth.
  9. Old fogies get to have opinions and vote too.
  10. They were trying to elicit from fogy teachers some kind of negative reaction.
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  1. someone whose style is out of fashion
    synonyms:, ,

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