foggy weather meaning in Hindi

foggy weather sentence in Hindi

कुहरायुक्त मौसम
कुहासे का मौसम
foggy:    कुहरायुक्त
weather:    ऋतु काल दशा मौसम
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  1. Citizens, a police helicopter and cruisers searched frantically in rainy, foggy weather.
  2. However, the height of the cross and foggy weather made filming difficult.
  3. They are especially abundant during the full moon and in foggy weather.
  4. It crashed in foggy weather and killed all 10 people aboard.
  5. The foggy weather was expected to last through Friday, forecasters said.
  6. Due to foggy weather conditions, it is often closed due to low visibility.
  7. Stephen Clark : All we're getting struck by is foggy weather this weekend.
  8. This instrument used four air horns to communicate with vessels in foggy weather.
  9. Foggy weather in some voting districts prevented a quicker complete count, he said.
  10. Snowy, foggy weather prevented rescuers from making any attempts on Sunday.
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