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• फोकसी अनुपात
focal:    फोकसी
ratio:    निस्वत परिमाण भाग
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  1. The Chinese Future Giant Telescope has a primary focal ratio of 1.2.
  2. :It's not the absolute diameter that matters, but the focal ratio or f-number.
  3. It uses a concave focal ratios, Dall-Kirkhams are seldom faster than f / 15.
  4. The particular aberrations associated with the coma ) are also worsened with short focal ratios.
  5. Also, for fast focal ratios, the curve obtained is not sufficiently exact and requires additional hand correction.
  6. Early off-axis designs such as the astigmatism and long focal ratios, which make them useless for research.
  7. The " focal length " of the telescope objective is the diameter of the objective times the focal ratio.
  8. Many of these targets are small and require long focal lengths, which can push the focal ratio far above 5.
  9. The focal length of 12.1 m combines with the baffled aperture of 3.7 m to a focal ratio of 3.26.
  10. A secondary mirror is to produce an unobstructed field-of-view of 20 arcminutes in diameter with a focal ratio of 15.
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  1. the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system
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