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• सपाट डेक
flush:    उबाल फ़्लश नया
deck:    रेकार्डिंग के लिए
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  1. She was of 300 tons burthen and had a flush deck.
  2. The final design had a flush deck and four smokestacks.
  3. Greater beam and the flush deck provided greater hull strength.
  4. A flush deck hatch gives access to the engine compartment.
  5. Having neither a flush deck nor a cranes.
  6. The earliest cargo steamers were flush deck with openings below rimmed only with low casings.
  7. As with other previous U . S . flush deck destroyer designs, seagoing performance suffered.
  8. The standard displacement of the flush deck destroyers was, the length approximately, the draft approximately.
  9. She had a flush deck and was pierced for 20 guns but carried eighteen 9-pounders.
  10. The weapon systems will be flush deck mounted allowing vertical launch of missiles from under the deck.
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