flus meaning in Hindi

flus sentence in Hindi
• इनफ़्लुएंज़ा
• ग्रिप
• फ़्लू
• बुखार
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  1. The disease causes flu-like symptoms initially, Walker said.
  2. The early symptoms can be deceptively similar to colds and flu.
  3. However, the primary symptom of the yuppie flu is fatigue.
  4. Last week we blamed the flu and the Oilers'blitz.
  5. Kent Desormeaux missed a second day of races with the flu.
  6. Flu is quite contagious and travels quickly through households and offices.
  7. The number of evacuees suffering from flu has gone up sharply.
  8. For now, however, flu shots are being tighly rationed.
  9. Doctors thought at first it was a bad case of flu.
  10. People used to think of this as like having the flu,
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