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[ flu(:)ə'rɔskəpi ] sound:
fluoroscopy sentence in Hindi

• प्रतिदीप्तिदर्शन
• प्रतिदीप्तिदर्शिकी
• प्रतिदीप्‍तिदर्शिकी
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  1. Digital devices known as array detectors are becoming more common in fluoroscopy.
  2. Among the latter are frame rate settings, pulsed fluoroscopy and collimation.
  3. Fluoroscopy, or dynamic X-Rays, is typically used for visualization.
  4. The location of the SEMS is confirmed by fluoroscopy.
  5. The hospital also has a fluoroscopy unit, which opened in January 2014.
  6. Modern C-Arms enable to navigate on acquired images without constant fluoroscopy.
  7. CT and fluoroscopy entail higher doses of radiation than do plain X-rays.
  8. The exam ends when the person voids while the radiologist is watching under fluoroscopy.
  9. In Sentinel Alert 47, The Joint Commission specifically excludes fluoroscopy and radiation therapy.
  10. Indocyanine green fluoroscopy is a safe, minimally invasive and useful tool for surgical evaluation.
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  1. examination of body structures using a fluoroscope

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