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  1. I would like to momentarily go back to the " sand conveyor " simplification, which eliminates all the issues of fluid behaviour.
  2. Therefore, the power law is only a good description of fluid behaviour across the range of shear rates to which the coefficients were fitted.
  3. Even though applying a pressure strongly improves the magnetorheological fluids behaviour, particular attention must be paid in terms of mechanical resistance and chemical compatibility of the sealing system used.
  4. Thomas Young laid the foundations of the equation in his 1804 paper " An Essay on the Cohesion of Fluids " where he set out in descriptive terms the principles governing contact between fluids ( along with many other aspects of fluid behaviour ).
  5. There are a number of other models that better describe the entire flow behaviour of shear-dependent fluids, but they do so at the expense of simplicity, so the power law is still used to describe fluid behaviour, permit mathematical predictions, and correlate experimental data.
  6. It is available via its traditional derivation ( a mechanical equation of state ), or via a derivation based in statistical thermodynamics, the latter of which provides the equal area rule, and related but distinct theoretical models, e . g ., based on the principle of corresponding states, have been developed to achieve better fits to real fluid behaviour in equations of comparable complexity.
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