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  1. People could be getting out there already at a negative fluid balance.
  2. The shifting of electrolytes and fluid balance increases cardiac workload and heart rate.
  3. "' Diuresis "'( ) is increased urination and the homeostatic maintenance of fluid balance.
  4. Sodium and potassium regulate the fluid balance in our bodies.
  5. In an acute hospital setting, fluid balance is monitored carefully.
  6. Instead, order is achieved through fluid balance of power agreements between local groups ."
  7. Carbohydrates are for energy, and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium maintain fluid balance.
  8. The subfornical organ's impact on the cardiovascular system is again mostly seen through fluid balance.
  9. Thus, the subfornical organ is involved in fluid balance.
  10. Immersion in water affects the circulation, renal system and fluid balance, breathing, and thermal balance.
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