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  1. Many birds fluff up their feathers as insulation and to preserve body heat.
  2. "I didn't want to write things just to fluff up the pictures ."
  3. When cold, cats can fluff up their fur to increase insulation.
  4. They're not paid plus a bunch of giveaways to fluff up the numbers.
  5. The spinning will throw off excess paint and water and fluff up the nap.
  6. The prevailing attitude : Relax and fluff up the pillows.
  7. As the moss dries, it expands slightly and fluffs up.
  8. "Shred and fluff up for a pet bed, " or stitch together for a shower curtain.
  9. Remove from heat, fluff up with a fork, then fluff the tamarind paste into the rice.
  10. To fluff up this paragraph with lovely shortcuts, this was WP : CYCLE, not WP : WHEEL.
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  1. make fuller by shaking; "fluff up the pillows"

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