flower container meaning in Hindi

flower container sentence in Hindi

flower:    कली कुसुम पुष्प
container:    डिब्बा पात्र बरतन
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  1. Mourners continually bring in flower containers, which collect rainwater, in which mosquitos breed.
  2. Shopping was serious business, though, when the women cruised the 26th Street flea market for flower containers, ranging from retro Fiestaware vases to a martini pitcher.
  3. Rikyk also began designing his own tea wares, sometimes having them made by local craftsmen . tea room, including flower containers made of bamboo he cut himself.
  4. There are several pieces of permanent public art, including sculptures made of local sandstone, such as giant eggs, flower containers, a fountain, a small performance stage, and more.
  5. Several years back, I had a craft gadget with which one could cut wine bottles in half to make candleholders with the tops and drinking glasses, flower containers, etc . with the bottom part.
  6. It was during his later years that Rikyk began to use very tiny, rustic implements for tea ceremony, including flower containers, teascoops, and lid rests made of bamboo, and also used everyday objects for tea ceremony, often in novel ways.
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