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आधार मूल्य
निम्नतम निर्धारित कीमत
निम्नतम मूल्य
न्यूनतम नियत कीमत
न्यूनतम निर्णीत कीमत
floor:    ज़मीन तल खास
price:    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
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  1. "We haven't set a floor price " for the stock, Whitehurst said.
  2. Earlier provisions to set a floor price for emissions allowances were removed.
  3. The government also will set a floor price for the exported wood.
  4. By contrast, Iberdrola bid 74 percent more than the state-set floor price.
  5. A floor price shall be established periodically for export-bound lumber products.
  6. Contracts set a floor price and generally run from three to five years.
  7. The floor price will vary from day to day, Teng added.
  8. Floor price of unhusked rice to be increased to Rp 1, 000, JAKARTA POST
  9. But market forces may make ground-floor prices more equal to those on higher floors.
  10. It also guarantees a minimum floor price for pork if the hog market crashes.
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