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  1. The Upsilon is a flavourless meson called a quarkonium.
  2. They have also produced the first flavourless free from phenylalanine product called Add-Ins.
  3. Overpruned trees on the other hand tend to produce light crops of large, flavourless fruit that does not store well.
  4. Theodore Roosevelt himself likened the flesh of young black bears to that of pork, and not as coarse or flavourless as the meat of grizzlies.
  5. The minor planet was named after the Gotlandic music group Smakl�sa . ( Literally " Flavourless ", but also " Tasteless " or " Tacky ".
  6. IGN, however, disagreed and said that " SBK-09 is a flavourless affair with a personality like an R & B ing Joaquin Phoenix.
  7. She compared it to French cheeses, calling it " buttery " in comparison to the post-war mass manufactured type which she called " young and flavourless, with the texture of chalk ".
  8. Helen Brown, from " The Daily Telegraph " compared its sound to Madonna's 1987 hit " La Isla Bonita ", but ultimately concluding that it was " sweet and a bit naughty, but forgettably flavourless ".
  9. However, Anglican Bishop Charles Ellicott referred to Maudrell's observation from the latter's travels, around 1690, and noted that Maundrell said he " found lumps of rock-salt there which had become "'partially "'flavourless ", adding that he was " not aware that this has been confirmed by recent travelers ".
  10. One or two of the songs introduced into his plays are justly famous and show a real lyrical gift . Nor in estimating his dramatic position and his effect upon his time must it be forgotten that his classical and mythological plots, flavourless and dull as they would be to a modern audience, were charged with interest to those courtly hearers who saw in " Midas"
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  1. lacking taste or flavor or tang; "a bland diet"; "insipid hospital food"; "flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; "vapid beer"; "vapid tea"
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