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  1. Younger boys like it for simpler reasons : the flatulence jokes.
  2. Lanoue notes that even Issa wrote the occasional verse on flatulence.
  3. The topics discussed are entirely scatological, notably flatulence and sex.
  4. Much of their adventures deal with the God of Inappropriate Flatulence.
  5. A " barking spider " is a slang term for flatulence.
  6. When nervous ( or angry ), Hynerians produce helium flatulence.
  7. Incomplete digestion due to food consumption before sleep may cause flatulence.
  8. Younger members of the species emit an herbicidal gas via flatulence.
  9. The subtitle is " Coming to Terms With Flatulence ."
  10. Flatulence in crowded elevators is legal, if not desirable.


  1. pompously embellished language
  2. a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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