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  1. In some countries " trailer on flatcar " or TOFC trains.
  2. His first job was unloading flatcars for the New York Central Railroad.
  3. People with crazed expressions are frantically pushing railway flatcars down the aisles.
  4. We all underestimated the strength of the demand for flatcars.
  5. Most of the railcars used were surplus flatcars equipped with new decks.
  6. Finally, they moved by unguarded flatcars to the Clinton Engineer Works.
  7. Empty flatcars will be placed on both ends of the loaded car.
  8. Each column was shipped to Dallas on a separate flatcar from Indiana.
  9. The circus solution to loading vehicles was to use a string of flatcars.
  10. VW's two-level flatcar design effectively became the first autorack.
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  1. freight car without permanent sides or roof

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