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• ऋजु कोण
• सपाट कोण
flat:    खंड समतल भाग
angle:    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
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  1. Its skin absorbs radar rather than reflecting it, and the plane is an array of flat angled surfaces.
  2. The internal angles of a flat angle between successive bonds in a carbon chain is about 109.5? the tetrahedral angle.
  3. During World War I and later, ricochet fire with delay or graze fuzed HE shells, fired with a flat angle of descent, was used to achieve airburst.
  4. The signal from the satellite strikes the atmosphere at such a flat angle that adverse conditions can deflect the signal away from the straight-line required to reach the antenna.
  5. "Irons " are clubs with a solid, all-metal head featuring a flat angled face, and a shorter shaft and more upright lie angle than a wood, for ease of access.
  6. The apex of the breast, which includes the nipple, can have a flat angle of projection ( 180 degrees ) or acute angle of projection ( greater than 180 degrees ).
  7. When the flight was over Brown had no problems on the approach to the airfield, apart from the rather restricted view from the cockpit due to the flat angle of glide, the aircraft touching down at.
  8. Tank tests using scale models revealed that the " low and slow " approach that had been presumed necessary for a successful drop was actually counterproductive : striking the water at a flat angle frequently caused the after body of the torpedo to  slap, damaging the mechanism.
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