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  1. I'm a pipe fitter, not an asbestos worker.
  2. He is fitter than he has been in years, too.
  3. "He's getting fitter and stronger ."
  4. Other players are fitter, like second-seeded Andre Agassi.
  5. Since then, he has looked fitter and stronger and younger.
  6. I feel fitter, I feel healthy, I feel happy,
  7. "I've asked him to make me fitter.
  8. Fitter did not elaborate on Sovereign's planned legal action.
  9. Ex-RAF Engine Fitter Gordon Small was the first editor.
  10. Additionally, it employed over 1, 500 fitters and designers.


  1. someone who fits a garment to a particular person
  1. improved in health or physical condition

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