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  1. When I put it in first gear, it just wouldn't go ."
  2. _Mead Five-Star First Gear School Ensemble Binder, Kmart, $ 12 . 99
  3. "When I stopped then, something happened to first gear and it broke.
  4. Curiously, the Kerry 2000 bandwagon seems to be stuck in first gear.
  5. The system itself was manually selectable, with an ultra-low first gear.
  6. In first gear it pulls slow with a lot of torque.
  7. The first gear was protected by a latch to avoid being engaged accidentally.
  8. Netanyahu did whatever he could to keep this negotiating process in first gear.
  9. Automobile drivers usually take it in first gear and even then brake frequently.
  10. To you unititated car drivers, it's like going 100km / h-in first gear.


  1. the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
    synonyms:, ,

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