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  1. Most Used outperforms Least Used use significantly, and slightly outperforms First Fit.
  2. But families must first fit their financial picture into the formula.
  3. A working transmitter was first fit to the Heyford and flew in March 1937.
  4. An extension to First Fit and Random Fit was proposed in to consider signal quality.
  5. The approach is called Quality First Fit and it is discussed in the following section.
  6. In selecting footwear, first fit the larger foot.
  7. In the first fit she was found vomiting vigorously, eyes turned to one side, pale, and unresponsive.
  8. Quality First Fit and Quality Random Fit eliminate from consideration wavelengths which have an unacceptable signal quality.
  9. *Modes are mainly useful for characterizing mathematical distributions, such as a Gaussian etc . They are essentially useless for characterizing data unless you first fit a mathematical distribution to the data.
  10. "' IA-FF "'- Impairment Aware First Fit ( IA-FF ) is a simple extension of IA-BF . Instead of picking the wavelengths in terms of the minimum cost, the wavelengths are selected in order according to their index.

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