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  1. His first detector, which used a silicon crystal, was patented in 1906.
  2. CUORE-0 was the first detector tower produced on this assembly line.
  3. Ms . Hallett said Wednesday that the first detectors could be installed by the last quarter of 1997.
  4. Their mind will choose the result that agrees with the first detector, and the observer will see the expected results.
  5. The first detector module was completed in early 2006, Construction was completed in January, and the detector was installed in March 2010.
  6. The project was proposed in 2001 and in 2002 it was signed by the participant countries; in 2005 the first detector showed its result.
  7. The first detector lock was produced in 1818 by Jeremiah Chubb of Portsmouth, England, as the result of a Government competition to create an unpickable lock.
  8. However, the first detector of TAIGA, Tunka-133, uses a different and independent measurement technique, which can be used to cross-check the results by the other experiments.
  9. Later the company will move into fluoroscopic equipment that can follow the movements of internal organs, with the first detector in production in two to three years.
  10. The mixer is called the "'first detector "', while the demodulator that extracts the audio signal from the intermediate frequency is called the "'second detector " '.

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