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• जोश में आना
fire:    प्रदीप्ति आंच
up:    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
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  1. The bus fires up and the girls march to their beds.
  2. The list is sure to fire up arguments among music fans.
  3. So you better get fired up and work as a team.
  4. Fund raising is not something that gets hardcore marathoners fired up.
  5. I was really fired up when I came out to play,
  6. He said you cen7v fire up facing the hill like that.
  7. Some cockfighters even used strychnine to keep them all fired up.
  8. Then you listen for the rocket engine to fire up ."
  9. And they just fire up like a fireball on the charts.
  10. If the Yankees need that to get them fired up ..
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  1. begin to smoke; "After the meal, some of the diners lit up"
  2. arouse or excite feelings and passions; "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor"; "The refugees'' fate stirred up compassion around the world"; "Wake old feelings of hatred"
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