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  1. This in turn implies that all finite extensions are algebraic.
  2. A finitely generated extension may not be a finite extension.
  3. Let L / K be a finite extension.
  4. For any finite extension of fields, the restriction of scalars takes quasiprojective varieties to quasiprojective varieties.
  5. :Elliptic curves are mathematical objects of certain forms defined over a finite extensions of prime fields.
  6. This means that the boundary must either come from nowhere or the whole future ends at some finite extension.
  7. If E \ supseteq F is a finite extension, its degree is the product of the degrees and.
  8. In particular, an algebraic integer is an integral element of a finite extension K / \ mathbb { Q }.
  9. Let L be a finite extension of the global field K . We define L / K as the global extension.
  10. When it is a finite extension, this is a finite group of order equal to the degree of the extension.

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