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  1. The code is released as open-source under the high-order finite element methods.
  2. His research is in the area of Solid mechanics, Finite element method.
  3. For example, the finite element method may be recast as a multigrid method.
  4. His specialities are finite element methods, continuum thermodynamics, creep and plasticity of metals.
  5. Building a scientific simulation environment for finite element methods is a complicated task.
  6. He has also written a book on the finite element method.
  7. They are mostly determined by a numerical computation using the finite element method.
  8. They are using a finite element method that accounts for the known microstructure.
  9. This is an essential step in error estimates for the finite element method.
  10. The Hu-Washizu principle is used to develop mixed finite element methods.

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