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  1. The ebony finger board went on, the tuning pegs.
  2. The violin had no finger board.
  3. :No its not that, neither is it pulling the strings up and letting them slap against the finger board.
  4. Leonard can also play the cello, although he holds the bow upside down and plays on the finger board.
  5. The hurdy-gurdy, or " vielle-?roue ", is essentially a mechanical violin, with keys or buttons instead of a finger board.
  6. Most of the Mason Bernards have plain ebony finger boards, however there are some special player guitars that feature inlays.
  7. The finger board uses medium gauge ( 2.54mm x 1.2mm ) frets, which unlike the Gibson, extend over the single edge binding.
  8. Currently, numerous models tend to integrate the shape of the scroll, the finger board and other morphology of some secondary characteristics of the violin.
  9. One is to clench the bow in the right hand, rest the right thumb on the right side of the finger board, then pluck the string.
  10. All lute type instruments traditionally have a bridge, which holds the string at the proper action height from the fret / finger board at one end of the strings.

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