financial results meaning in Hindi

financial results sentence in Hindi

वित्तीय परिणाम
financial:    वित्त वित्त
results:    नतीजा फल
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  1. Ford Motor Co . reports its second quarter financial results on Wednesday.
  2. Business Express is privately owned and does not publish its financial results.
  3. The financial results of the broadcast division were not made public separately.
  4. The company said it restated 1994 financial results to include McCaw Cellular.
  5. Apple is scheduled to report its latest financial results on July 17.
  6. Novell reported its financial results after the close of the stock market.
  7. Our financial results continue to demonstrate that our global strategies are working,
  8. Payless released its financial results after the close of trading on Tuesday.
  9. There was a bright spot or two in the 1994 financial results.
  10. The company is privately held and has not reported any financial results.
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