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finance:    अर्थव्यवस्था
officer:    अफसर ओहदेदार
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  1. CLCJAWA has also received numerous awards from the Government Finance Officers Association.
  2. He joined the Department of the Taoiseach, as finance officer in 1999.
  3. Municipal finance officers control as much as $ 1 trillion, Dillingham said.
  4. Government Finance Review is the Government Finance Officers Association�s bimonthly membership magazine.
  5. The council is supported by an administrator, finance officer and clerical staff.
  6. Mr . Nirupom Bhattacharyya is the ( acting ) Finance Officer.
  7. Ramon H . Diaz, chief finance officer of Isla Communications Co . Inc.
  8. Kelowna, British Columbia : Conference of Government Finance Officers, Association of Western Canada.
  9. Experience a spine-tingling visit to the Office of the Finance Officer.
  10. Susan Gaffney of the Government Finance Officers Association said of the president's plan.
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