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• अंतिम अदायगी
• अंतिम भुगतान
• अंतिम संदाय
final:    अंतिम परीक्षा
payment:    चुकौता चुकौती दाम
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  1. Thirty-three years later, in July 1828, there was a small final payment.
  2. On March 23, 2005, the final payment was made on the loan.
  3. This meant that shareholders would have received the final payment in 2023.
  4. America has made the final payment and wants to unload the property.
  5. The cheques were the final payment of RM101, 228 for the villagers.
  6. In each case, final payment is due with the corporation tax return.
  7. Final payment and final numbers are due 5 days prior to delivery.
  8. Ackermann said that will be the " final payment of this magnitude ."
  9. The final payment on the Courthouse was paid in July 1909.
  10. Many car rental agencies will accept debit cards as final payment.
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  1. the final payment of a debt

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