filter capacitor meaning in Hindi

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फिल्टर संधारित्र
filter:    निष्यंतक निस्पादक
capacitor:    संधारित्र
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  1. A rectifier and a filter capacitor were connected directly to the mains.
  2. LEDs are connected in parallel with the 10 ?F electrolytic filter capacitor.
  3. In old radios, the filter capacitors often fail, resulting in hum and distortion.
  4. The name illustrates the charging of the filter capacitor at the peaks of the AC voltage.
  5. Because areas near Niagara Falls had 25 Hz power, some Canadian sets had slightly larger filter capacitors.
  6. This meantime is defined by the grid side located filter capacitors have been discharged by the installed bleeding resistors.
  7. In some CRTs the aquadag coating performs a third function, as a filter capacitor for the high-voltage anode supply.
  8. The typical anode supply was a rectifier, perhaps half-wave, a choke ( inductor ) and a filter capacitor.
  9. The frequency of these pulse trains is then varied to produce the desired output voltage with the aid of the output filter capacitor.
  10. Although the capacitance is small, around 500 pF, due to the low anode current it is sufficient to act as a filter capacitor.
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