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छन्नी समुच्चय
filter:    निष्यंतक निस्पादक
assembly:    जमघट संयोजन सदन
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  1. In 1956 Pyroil had purchased Champion Laboratories of Meriden, Connecticut, a filter assembly operation.
  2. The dust inhalation problem continued, so a filter assembly was fitted into the hydraulic reservoir.
  3. A new airbox and filter assembly had bright chrome end caps and filter servicing was easier.
  4. Other products include resistive components, magnetic components ( transformers and coils ), filter assemblies, semiconductors and integrated circuits.
  5. The modifications involved replacement of a check valve filter assembly in the booster which was found to have broken.
  6. In the case of the S-92 crash, a titanium stud sheared causing catastrophic oil loss through the oil filter assembly.
  7. Eaton Aerospace LLC of Glenolden won an $ 87, 618 contract from the Defense General Supply Center in Richmond, Va ., for oil filter assemblies.
  8. Kampi Components Co . Inc . of Bristol won a $ 99, 825 contract from the Defense Supply Center in Columbus, Ohio, for fuel filter assemblies.
  9. The camera makes use of returned space hardware as the structure is built from the original Wide Field and Planetary Camera as well as the filter assembly.
  10. Mine Safety Appliances in Pittsburgh won a $ 1.5 million contract from the Mine Safety & Health Administration in Denver, Colo ., for respirable dust filter assemblies.
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