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  1. The camera and film transport system were manufactured by Eastman Kodak Company.
  2. Unlike the F-1, the EF does not support any motor drive for film transport.
  3. Film transport in the T80 is completely automatic, just as in the T70, in both directions.
  4. An upgrade would be easy, just change the HD camera, the film transport deck stayed the same.
  5. The film transports the bombing plot and the characters to the 1930s, and simply turns politics into the McGuffin.
  6. A small rewind knob at the left-hand top is extended for easy access and to engage the film transport mechanism.
  7. On a physical level they consisted of a Nikon F5 with the film transport equipment replaced with a custom-made Kodak digital back.
  8. All models had a fixed zoom, motorized stepless autofocus, autoexposure, a built-in pop-up flash, motorized film transport, and automatic ( DX ) film sensing.
  9. It has an extended dwell time for film transport like in ARRI 35 series, thus provides more steadiness despite it has no register pin.
  10. Metal was only used for parts where wear and tear make it unavoidable, such as the film pressure plate and the film transport cogwheels.
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