file cabinet meaning in Hindi

file cabinet sentence in Hindi
• नत्थी कैबिनेट

• फाइल कैबिनेट
file:    लिखित पत्र चिठ्ठी
cabinet:    कोठरी पेटिका
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  1. The file cabinets in the little reading room are battered and mismatched.
  2. He keeps bedding in a file cabinet for nights on the couch.
  3. They are often used in conjunction with a filing cabinet for storage.
  4. File cabinets are in the stalls where the toilets used to be.
  5. His hand swept over rows of metal file cabinets in his den.
  6. The desks and file cabinets are made of a handsome blond mahogany.
  7. They are wary of adding a Superfund folder to the file cabinets.
  8. Folders fill the stained filing cabinets and clutter the sofas and chairs.
  9. The rest is kept in chipped metal file cabinets in the basement.
  10. Paper documents became voluminous enough to be stored separately in filing cabinets.
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  1. office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order
    synonyms:file, filing cabinet

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