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  1. Finally, a steam factory for silk-filature was established at Kengeri with eight basins.
  2. He becomes director-general of the Filature Renson and treasurer of the Ghent Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Complexity is added by the intrusion of foreign-owned silk processing plants ( " filatures " ).
  4. He is best known for his exhibitions EXIL ( Vorlkerkunde Museum Hamburg ) . and Kundry ( Filature de Mulhouse ).
  5. Reynolds Square was the site of the " Filature ", which housed silkworms as part of an early and unsuccessful attempt to establish a silk industry in the Georgia colony.
  6. She has appeared in advertising campaigns for brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Cesare Paciotti, D & G, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Hermes, Nine West, Majestic Filatures, Max Mara, Barneys, Topshop, Tse, H & M, Est�e Lauder.
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  1. a bobbin used in spinning silk into thread

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