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  1. The new study is part of a growing attempt to reverse figure and ground.
  2. This is the notion of a figure and ground relationship.
  3. By studying the way humans perceive figure and ground, methods can be developed to improve computer vision algorithms.
  4. An example is how the action of cleaning a gun is different in English and figure and ground are different.
  5. Even the way figure and ground slide together in his work reflects the idea that we're all matter, constantly changing.
  6. In some ways, it's like product placement in the movies, except in this case, it's difficult to distinguish figure and ground.
  7. But fast or slow, all the images tilt and roil, as if figure and ground, or dream and reality, were battling for supremacy.
  8. The materials and images were to suggest that the horses were both figure and ground, merging external world with the subject . "-Deborah Butterfield.
  9. This shifts the figure and ground of experience and its stories, foregrounding how time, sequence, linearity, and related concepts are used in everyday life.
  10. The background is rendered in flat or patterned in simple areas, highlighting the separation of figure and ground, which would become important in his mature style.
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