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  1. Individual words in the idiom can metaphorically contribute to its figurative meaning.
  2. Often the plural declension is used to give a figurative meaning.
  3. Other figurative meanings involve the word " cheese " used as a verb.
  4. Its figurative meaning is to be initiated into the " mystery revelation ".
  5. The figurative meaning was broadened from the diminutive extended words " vernaculus, vernacula ".
  6. :BTW, I assume your title " A war story " is using the figurative meaning.
  7. The literal sense pertains to the meaning of the words themselves, including any figurative meanings.
  8. Does it have any other literal or figurative meaning?
  9. Literal and figurative meanings bleed into one powerful altered state, which is just as well.
  10. The " dangers, toils, and snares " of Newton's lyrics had both literal and figurative meanings for Americans.
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