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  1. Undated-Gov . Fife Symington must be hearing the footsteps.
  2. PHOENIX-Gov . Fife Symington must be hearing the footsteps.
  3. Gov . Fife Symington was Gramm's state campaign chairman.
  4. Ivana, meet Fife and Charlie _ and bring your lawyer.
  5. It's also where Gov . Fife Symington comes in.
  6. So what did Gov . Fife Symington and the Legislature do?
  7. They have sent their ambassador to lobby Gov . Fife Symington.
  8. "Fife is very smart, " she said.
  9. The next governor we elected was J . Fife Symington III.
  10. Some Barney Fife fans were just as passionate as Homer fans.


  1. a small high-pitched flute similar to a piccolo; has a shrill tone and is used chiefly to accompany drums in a marching band

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