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  1. They are also often shown wearing felt caps, sometimes with stars above.
  2. Earlier infantry units wore conical helmets, later sallets, but more often thick felt caps.
  3. Connizzo also wonders what happened to the felt cap worn by Schroeder when he was shot.
  4. On the inside there was a strong lining on interwoven straps, onto which a felt cap had been sewn in.
  5. "So we sit under lots of blankets, " he said, perching on his sofa in a felt cap and parka.
  6. First, those with the status that comes from age, each one wearing the brimless white felt cap of Albanian tradition.
  7. The genus name is derived from Latin " pileus ", " felt cap ", because of the calyx covering the achene.
  8. He had the traditional tall, brimless white felt cap, the white vest with black embroidery and the baggy homespun wool trousers.
  9. Lincoln then changed into a traveling suit, a soft felt cap and carried a shawl upon one arm to play the role of an invalid.
  10. Officially, they are the Yellow Hat Sect, named for their distinctly shaped yarn, cotton and felt caps, or ( BEGIN ITALICS ) tsesha ( END ITALICS ).
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