faux pas meaning in Hindi

faux pas sentence in Hindi
• अशिष्टता
• भारी भूल
• शर्मनाक काम
• सामाजिक गलती
• अभद्रता
faux:    खोटा जाली नकली
pas:    प्राधान्य क़दम
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  1. There is a silver lining in this potential faux pas for Oakland.
  2. But he does need to be careful not to make faux pas.
  3. Despite these and other faux pas, Darcy continues to pledge himself unconditionally.
  4. The matter was quickly dropped, making it sound like a faux pas.
  5. Anywhere but in the NBA, that would be a fashion faux pas.
  6. Duke committed a fashion faux pas in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament.
  7. The biggest fashion faux pas is not matching lip liner to lips,
  8. Rings and stretch crystal bead bracelets are fashion faux pas this season.
  9. They wanted to be careful and not commit any consumer faux pas.
  10. A possible subtitle could be : " Officiating Faux Pas ."
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  1. a socially awkward or tactless act
    synonyms:gaffe, solecism, slip, gaucherie

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