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  1. The company sells threaded fasteners and other industrial and construction supplies.
  2. These specifications will usually list the load capacity of the fastener.
  3. It was supposed to have the redesigned fastener, Peterson said.
  4. The standard hollow-wall fastener is called a toggle bolt.
  5. It will be folded into Alcoa's Huck fastener division.
  6. In 1942, Ida received a patent for an adjustable fastener.
  7. Powder-actuated fasteners are made of special heat treated steel.
  8. Skins and ribs are paste-bonded together to eliminate fasteners.
  9. The company continues to seek fastener businesses, Campbell said.
  10. We would be on the prowl for more fastener acquisitions.


  1. restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
    synonyms:, ,
  2. a person who fastens or makes fast; "he found the door fastened and wondered who the fastener was"

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