fall flat meaning in Hindi

fall flat sentence in Hindi
• असफल होना
fall:    ढलाव समर्पन करना
flat:    खंड समतल भाग
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  1. It tells what to do when you fall flat on your face.
  2. There are some funny concepts that sound promising but then fall flat.
  3. Without promises of new spending the plan will fall flat, economists said.
  4. Or maybe some fatal flaws which would make my ideas fall flat.
  5. But trying to imitate customs from another country can sometimes fall flat.
  6. Rarely does a Ramanan show fall flat or fail to take off.
  7. Only the finale falls flat _ a conflagration built on visual hints.
  8. The result falls flat and she fails her audition for the troop.
  9. What does a cult leader do when his grand prophecies fall flat?
  10. As a result, it feels jumpy and sporadic and ultimately falls flat.
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  1. fail utterly; collapse; "The project foundered"
    synonyms:, ,

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