fall behind with meaning in Hindi

fall behind with sentence in Hindi
• न कर पाना
• न चुका पाना
fall:    ढलाव समर्पन करना
fall behind:    पिछड़ना पीछे रहना
behind:    घाट चूतड़ पीछे की
with:    के मामले में के
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  1. Working for his father often causes Gunther to fall behind with his studies.
  2. During studying at school, he did not fall behind with his interest in Kashubia.
  3. In the third quarter the Saints continue to fall behind with Devin Hester returning a 64-yard punt for a touchdown.
  4. That'll be a stretch where we don't wall to fall behind with that tough stretch coming in August ."
  5. Fall behind with a disinterested opening to the second half, stage an energetic comeback in the final minutes and then lose in overtime.
  6. When the Lomaxes fall behind with their bills, Cameron breaks into The Dog to get money for them and he narrowly avoids being caught.
  7. In general, time divided between work and studying does not permit a child to focus on the latter, causing him to fall behind with his lessons and to get low grades.
  8. Going out first against Westwood, who has recently climbed to eighth on the world rankings, he drove wildly into pot bunkers and bushes to fall behind with bogeys at five and six.
  9. The IOC is pressing hard to make sure Athens does not fall behind with the other test events, which are vital to allow sports federations time to make any needed changes before the Olympics.
  10. Countries in the region with governments dedicated to market reforms have a chance to enjoy several years of 5 to 6 percent annual growth, while laggards will fall behind with growth rates three times smaller, Stern said.
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