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उचित और साम्ययुक्त
उचित और साम्ययुक्‍त
उचित और साम्यिक
fair:    पैंठ प्रदर्शनी
and:    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
equitable:    साम्ययुक्त
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  1. We want a policy that is fair and equitable to everyone.
  2. We believe that the ( settlement ) is fair and equitable.
  3. We have always felt this was a fair and equitable settlement,
  4. And we can change that with a fair and equitable agreement.
  5. I am sure they will make a fair and equitable decision.
  6. We want fair and equitable return for our black dollars.
  7. There is no other interest other than to be fair and equitable.
  8. But he wants one that's fair and equitable ."
  9. We feel it's a fair and equitable settlement ."
  10. "To me, that's extremely fair and equitable.
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